The Illinois Vehicle Code mandates that the Secretary of
State Police physically inspect all salvage vehicles that
are eight model years old or newer before a rebuilt title
may be issued.

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You must have all receipts for any essential parts that have been replaced in your name (the name of which the title is going in)

Receipts you must have in your name IF replaced are listed below:

A. Right front fender/rear fender
B. Left front fender/rear fender
*C. Right rear quarter panel/bed side
*D. Left rear quarter panel/bed side
E. Hood
F. Right front door
G. Right rear door
H. Left front door
I. Left rear door
J. Hatchback/deck lid/tailgate/trunk lid
K. Right T-top
L. Left T-top
M. Moon roof/sunroof/astro body
N. Front end assembly – (headlights-fenders-hood)
O. Front clip (FEA-with cowl attached)
P. Rear clip (quarter panels-fenders-floor-top)
Q. Clip cab (roof-back panel-floor)
R. Cab (clip cab-with cowl)
*S. Bed
T. Frame
U. Engine
*V. Transmission
W. Cowl
X. Transmission (Second Division)
Y. Aluminum wheels
Z. Chassis/shell/hulk

AA. Front seat AG. Cassette/compact disc
AB. Rear seat AH. Cassette radio
AC. Left front seat AI. Compact disc changer
AD. Right front seat AJ. Compact disc player
AE. Left rear seat AK. Compact disc radio
AF. Right rear seat AL. Stereo radio (AM/FM)
*AM. Front bumper (NHTSA veh)
*AN. Rear bumper (NHTSA veh)

*AP. Faring
*AQ. Fuel tanks
*AR. Fork
*Not considered essential parts, may be inspected as part of the Salvage Vehicle Inspection Program.