When a vehicle has suffered damage that would cost more to repair than the vehicle’s market value, it may be declared salvage. It will be issued a salvage certificate of title and/or FLOOD and removed from the road―a salvage vehicle cannot be registered.

However a licensed title re-builder (That’s us) can help you get back on the road by being the middle man between you and The Secretary Of State!

The only way to drive your salvaged or flooded car again in the State of Illinois legally is through a licensed title re-builder:

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Bring us your salvage title or FLOOD certificate for cars, motorcycles,  trucks, trailers, and RV camper trailers to us and we can help you change the title over to an Illinois rebuilt title, so that you can register it and get plates..





*Note* Illinois Secretary Of State makes the final decision if your car can be put back on the road.

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