The vehicle first has to pass a safety test at an IDOT Safety Testing Lane. If it passes the safety test then an appointment can be made for the actual vehicle inspection.


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The inspection fee is $94.00 and the title fee is $150.00. You will also need:
Properly assigned salvage certificate in the name
of the rebuilder exactly as it appears on the
rebuilder’s license.
• Properly completed application, in the name of
the rebuilder, for a rebuilt title.
• Properly completed salvage affirmation identifying
all essential parts that have been replaced on the
rebuilt vehicle.
• The original uniform invoices (bills) for all essential
parts changed; junking titles/applications in the name
of the rebuilder for vehicles from which essential parts
have been used to rebuild the salvage vehicle.
• IDOT vehicle inspection report and properly affixed
non-expiring sticker.
• Valid driver’s license of the driver of the salvage

The salvage vehicle must be completely rebuilt and in
good operating condition, and its exterior, engine and
transmission areas must have been thoroughly cleaned.
The driver of the vehicle will drive it on and off the hoist
and into and out of the inspection area but will not be
allowed to remain in the inspection area during the
During the inspection, some parts may be removed to
allow examination of the vehicle identification numbers.
These numbers may include, but are not limited to:
• public VIN
• transmission number
• body number
• federal stickers
• engine number
• frame number
• mylar stickers

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