Salvage Title Service

If your Looking For an Illinois Licensed Rebuilder, and need help with a Salvage Title vehicle We can Help…
Do you have a Salvage or Flood Title ( Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Trailer, Rv, Semi-Truck, Boat ) and can’t get it registered in the state of Illinois?

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We Can Help !!

Did You Buy A Salvage Car from a salvage auction or auction house like Co-Part? Let us help you!!

We have been around over 10 years helping individuals and families like yours with this process. Most families believe this is a stressful painful process but not with us.  We can make it easy!

We do all we can to take the stress away by being your middle man with Secretary of State!

We service all of Illinois!                                                                                                             Give us a call today and LET US TAKE YOUR STRESS AWAY!

call us now!!!!     1-815-513-2744

We Fix Salvage Titles – Car, motorcycle, trailer, semi- trucks